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The elusive video color e-paper

Although reflective displays (e-paper displays) are becoming more and more important in today's world, reflective colour displays have so far eluded the display community. The puzzle becomes even more difficult to solve if video speed is required. If also power requirement targets are very low (coin battery level), the problem becomes virtually impossible to solve.

Until now.

the Liquid Light team have developed an electrofluidic display system (EFD) that is capable of displaying video content in reflective mode, is sunlight readable and only consumes milliwatts of power. We operate a production line for electrofluidic displays (EFD), suitable for a diversity of applications, in mainland China.

Our Generation 2.5 production line
Image Designers
Image Designers

We strive to use state of the art production processes and tested methods to develop and produce our displays. Although our display technology is significantly different from existing LCD or OLED, we still try to use as much as possible processes and sub-assemblies from this trusted infrastructure. This makes development more reliable and eliminates a significant part of the high cost TFT manufacturing equipment.

Image Designers

Use cases for reflective displays can easily be found. Any situation with strong ambient light tends to wash out the typical (emissive) LCD or OLED. Cases where readability is absolutely essential form the core of our technology's target products. Historic deficiencies of reflective displays have been largely solved by introducing a layered CMY structure that can deliver the same color reproduction as print on paper.

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